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THE RON KEEL BAND "Fight Like A Band" Album Review

Ron Keel is back with another great album and the first under The Ron Keel Band moniker. For fans of Ron’s earlier work with bands like Steeler, Keel, and Iron Horse you should absolutely love “Fight Like A Band”. Chuck full of one great song after another with enough musical variation to satisfy fans of all his previous efforts.

Kicking off the album is the track “Road Ready” with so many references to past songs, you’ll be counting to yourself as you sing along. A great sounding 80’s feel with some kick ass guitar work. “Fight Like A Band” is up next and is probably my favorite track on the album. Usually the songs that are about real life are the ones that you remember the most and with the song “Fight Like A Band” Ron touches on everything from Steeler, Keel, The Ron Keel Band and his relationship with his wife Renee. On “Rock n Roll Guitar” guitarist DC Cothern really shines with some great lead work, the song has a bit of a “Shooting Star” from Bad Company feel to it. “Hearts Gone Wild” is a really catchy, well written song that fans of Iron Horse will absolutely love. The bands upcoming video for “Girls Like Me”, should help bring back memories of the 80’s when bands made fun rock n roll videos. The song should be a summer staple for parties everywhere. “Just A Cowboy” I’m not trying to scare off the rockers with this one because there is plenty of rock to be had here, but this song should be all over Country radio! It will be a shame if this song doesn’t have the success that artist on modern day country radio with a lot less talent get. The band re-recorded a couple of Keel classics “Tears Of Fire” and “The Right To Rock” and then close out the album with one last great song “Hey Man” another heart felt story of friendship and rock n roll.

As big of a fan as a I am of Keel and Iron Horse, I think Ron Keel has hit another level of songwriting with “Fight Like A Band”. You owe it to yourself to check out this one!

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