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BURNING RAIN 'Face The Music' - Album Review

Doug Aldrich and Keith St.John are back and have revived Burning Rain one more time. The Dead Daisies guitarist just flat out smokes on this album! This album should appeal to fans of the bands previous albums as well as anyone into Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies or Badlands. The production is stellar with tons of energy coursing throughout.

Aldrich's is a modern day guitar hero who can play virtually anything and make it sound amazing! Keith St.John is one of the great unknown voices in all of rock n roll (Keith is also currently fronting the recently re-activated Kindom Come). The drumming duties are handled by former Slaughter drummer Blas Elias, who’s side gigs since his Slaughter days have included Trans Siberian Orchestra and The Blue Man Group. It’s great to hear Blas back behind the kit just killing it on drums. Bass player Brad Lang (Y&T) rounds out a killer band.

For me the stand out tracks are “Midnight Train”, "Revolution”,”Hit & Run” and “Face the Music” they all just rip, and “Shelter” has a really cool laid back Zeppelin vibe to it. If you’re looking for a great well written, performed and recorded album then look no further than “Face the Music”.

The band is set to hit the road this summer in support of ‘Face the Music”. Having had the chance to see the band last time around ( with a slightly different line-up), I highly recommend checking them out live.

Burning Rain was formed in 1998 by Doug Aldrich and Keith St John.

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