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99 CRIMES - Album Review

Straight ahead no gimmick kick ass rock n roll! That’s what you’ll get when you purchase the new 99 Crimes self titled album. From the opening track “Devil In Your Dreams” to the closing number “Never Say Forever” It’s one hell of a rock n roll show!

The trio is led by Current Dangerous Toys and former Dirty Looks/Broken Teeth guitarist Paul Lidel. Lidel handles both vocals and guitar duties joined by bassist Jeff Lynn and drummer Chris Jordan, who make for a killer rhythm section.

The new album features five tracks from their debut EP plus six new tracks. Picking your favorite songs on an album full of great tracks is tough, but here it goes…

“Devil In Your Dreams” - It’s a great opening track. In your face straight from the get go, everything you want in a opening track. It checks all the boxes and things just keep rolling from there.

“Rumor” - ok, by this point I’ve heard this song several hundred times but I still love it! It has a killer groove and a great chorus .It’s one of those songs that get stuck in your head and you find yourself humming it hours later. It doesn't necessarily sound like Cheap Trick, but every time I hear it, I think of Cheap Trick.

‘Coming’ Down Like Rain’ - This was my introduction to the band and it’s a rocker. The band has a great video for this track that they filmed for their debut EP. You can check out the video below.

“Avenue” - this track has bassist Jeff Lynn handling vocals and like the rest of the album it’s great, catchy and hits all the marks. Jeff’s vocals sound similar to Geddy Lee.

“Move like that” - killer riff, a head-banging toe tapping sing-a-long chorus, smoking solo what more could you ask for?

Fans of Paul Lidels other bands (Dangerous Toys/Dirty Looks/Broken Teeth) are sure to be pleased. Hell fans of good old kick ass hard rock and metal should love this one! Click the link below to order your copy.

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