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Jake E Lee's Red Dragon Cartel full set from The Beacon Theatre March 23rd

March 26, 2019

Legendary guitarist "Jake E. Lee" and his band Red Dragon Cartel perform live at The Beacon Theatre in Hopewell Virginia on 3/23/2019, during the "Patina" 2019 Tour! All rights go to Jake E. Lee and Red Dragon Cartel amongst the respected owners. The Setlist is listed in the description below.



Red Dragon Cartel - Setlist 3/23/19 (Uploaded by: Denis Justus)


1) Wasted

2) Havana

3) Punchclown

4) Speedbag

5) Bitter

6) Chasing Ghosts

7) 3 Day Funk - (Badlands Cover, Jake asked about Caps Fans?)

8) The Luxury of Breathing

9) Drum Solo - ( Feat. Phil Varone)

10) Crooked Man

11) Spiders in the Night - (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)

12) Ink & Water

13) High Wire - (Badlands Cover)

14) Feeder

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