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Inglorious release 'Glory Days' video

Inglorious have premiered the video for their emotionally-charged ‘Ride To Nowhere’ closer, ‘Glory Days’, exclusively on Planet Rock.

The intensely personal ballad was penned by frontman Nathan James following the devastating breakdown of a relationship.

He told us: “This song is so special to me and on our recent tour I loved singing it every night. I wrote the lyrics in about 10 minutes and knew it was the most honest I had been as a songwriter.

“It's about the end of my last relationship and the fact that sometimes you know someone is right for you and you believe they are your soulmate...but for whatever reason it just cannot be.

“The guys in the band recorded the song in about four takes and it was lovely to see them all in a line, sat down playing acoustics through the studio glass. The vocal was hard to record and it was just myself, the engineer and our record label A&R rep.

“On the third and final take I broke down towards the end and was in floods of tears, and despite the shakiness in my voice we felt it had to be kept in.”

A stark contrast to the heavier songs on ‘Ride To Nowhere’, the plaintive ‘Glory Days’ is a stripped back acoustic number with Nathan’s powerful pipes truly taking centre stage.

In keeping with this, the accompanying video is simple yet highly potent and sees Nathan belt out ‘Glory Days’ in a dimly lit venue.

Nathan says of the video: “It was recorded at The Social in London - where the relationship in question came to an end. It was very hard for me to record the video but I really wanted to do it.

“’Ride to Nowhere’ is out now and this song and album are what I am most proud of so far as a songwriter. I have never let myself be this vulnerable before and I hope you enjoy it.”


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