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AVANTASIA release lyric video for 'ALCHEMY' feat. former QUEENSRŸCHE singer GEOFF TATE

After triumphantly storming the worldwide charts with new album Moonglow, Tobias Sammet's Avantasia are premiering an official lyric video for the track "Alchemy", which features the distinctive vocals of ex-Queensrÿche singer Geoff Tate.

Says Tobias: "When I wrote 'Alchemy' I had no one but Geoff Tate in mind. He is one of the most influential singers in the history of Melodic Metal and I have always adored albums like Queensrÿche’s Rage For Order and Operation: Mindcrime. And that type of singing was exactly what I imagined to hear in Avantasia. When we were in the studio there was magic in the air, Geoff delivered and even though thousands of singers have been inspired by him, there is only one Geoff Tate. What a great addition to the Avantasia family. I can‘t wait to travel around the globe with Geoff and the team in a couple of days."


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