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ELECTRIC BOYS to release the EP 'Gone Gone Gone' April 12th

Swedish hard rock visionaries Electric Boys will release the EP "Gone Gone Gone" on April 12th, in connection with Record Store Day. The title will be available in a highly collectible transparent vinyl, limited to 500 copies. "Gone Gone Gone" is a track from Electric Boys' latest studio album, "The Ghost Ward Diares" and the EP includes the following tracklist: Side A "Gone Gone Gone" radio edit "Suffer" "Dishes" Side B "Gone Gone Gone" "Electrified" live "All Hips N Lips" live Quote from Conny Bloom: ”Gone Gone Gone is our third single from the lastest album ”The Ghost Ward Diaries”. It’s about a dear friend who was a musician, who passed away a few years ago. It’s our tribute to him and to heroes and loved ones that we’ve lost over the years”.

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