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ARIA 'To Kill the Dragon' Video Released

"To Kill the Dragon", the new video from Russian metal legends ARIA, can be seen below. The song is taken from the band's latest album, "Curse Of The Seas", which was released in November 2018 via M2BA.

The band says:

"We decided to produce a music video for "Kill the Dragon" because we wanted a video for a more untypical Aria song. The video shoot took place in December 2018, nearby the city of Moscow, Russia. The chosen location was an 18th century settlement that was built specially for movie shooting. For the crowd scenes we involved our beloved fans. Even though, it was -15 degrees at that day, everyone stayed in their positions and enjoyed the process."

"Curse Of The Seas" was mixed by Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Judas Priest, Halford) and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Malmsteen, Lita Ford, Faith No More, Rob Halford, Yes).

"So here we are with Aria still going strong after 34 years being in the game. The greatest and most popular Russian heavy metal band is back with their 13th full-length album of full out traditional and progressive metal jams."

"Just a little background on the Aria of today: the sole remaining founding member is guitarist Vladimir Kholstinin and he is still churning out memorable riffs and melodies. Vocalist is the highly skilled Mikhail Zhitnyakov and has been with the band for 7 years now. Aria has started to incorporate some more classical type sounds on this record and it is a welcome addition to the foray. And for those that don’t know anything about Aria – they sing in their native language, not English."

1. Гонка за славой (Race for Glory)

2. Варяг (Varyag)

3. Эра Люцифера (Lucifer Era)

4. Трудно быть богом (Hard to be a God)

5. Пусть будет так (Let it be)

6. Всё начинается там, где кончается ночь (It All Starts Where the Night Ends)

7. Живой (Alive)

8. Убить дракона (Kill the Dragon)

9. Дым без огня (Smoke Without Fire)

10. От заката до рассвета (From Dusk Till Dawn)

11. Проклятье морей (Curse of the Seas)

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