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BLAZE BAYLEY releases 'The Dark Side Of Black' video

The official music video for the song "The Dark Side Of Black" from British heavy metal vocalist Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE) can be seen below. The track is taken from the third album in his"Infinite Entanglement" trilogy, which was released last March. "The Redempton Of William Black" was third part of the trilogy, bringing the sci-fi concept to a conclusion.

This was the tenth album of Blaze's solo career, following his rise to global fame as singer with IRON MAIDEN (1994-1999). He was chosen for the MAIDEN role after coming to notice with his first band WOLFSBANE, based around home city of Birmingham, England, which is now the location for the recording of all his more recent solo releases.

"The Redemption Of William Black" was co-written with Chris Appleton of fellow British metal band ABSOLVA. Chris, who also co-produced the album and is lead guitarist and backing vocalist in Blaze's band for recording and touring, together with his ABSOLVA bandmates Martin McNee (drums) and Karl Schramm (bass and backing vocals).

Special guests on the album include FOZZY singer Chris Jericho, also of WWE fame, for whom Blaze specially created a character within the "Infinite Entanglement" story. Also, on choir duty is Luke Appleton (ICED EARTH bassist and ABSOLVA rhythm guitarist), as well as Michelle Sciarrotta (choir/voice actor), Jo Robinson (choir), Mel Adams (choir), Liz Owen(backing vocals/choir), Aine Brewer (voice actor) and Rob Toogood (choir/voice actor).

"The Redemption Of William Black" track listing:

01. Redeemer 02. Are You Here 03. Immortal One 04. The First True Sign

05. Human Eyes 06. Prayers Of Light 07. 18 Days 08. Already Won 09. Life Goes On 10. The Dark Side Of Black 11. Eagle Spirit


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