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JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES release 'Crank It - Living With Ghosts' Video

JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES — comprised of former MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5, bassist Ian Ross and drummer Logan Miles Nix — has launched another music video from its forthcoming full-length album, "Invasion". The trippy clip for the two-part track titled "Crank It - Living With Ghosts" begins as a fluorescent, glow-in-the-dark extravaganza, transitioning with the music to something altogether more sinister.

The video for "Crank It - Living With Ghosts" was directed by Israel Perez and features costumes and masks made by Forgotten Saints LA and Scott Blake's Yordreem Creations. The video was produced by Nicole Hatley, with art direction by Cody Varona.

John 5 says about the video: "This video begins with total acid-trip rave party for 'Crank It', and the second portion of the song, 'Living With Ghosts', is the comedown. This video depicts all of the things you secretly want when you go to a party — craziness, indulgence. It's full of everything you could want — guitars, tits and monsters!"

The launch of "Crank It - Living With Ghosts" closely follows the release of the first single cut from "Invasion", titled "Zoinks!" The full video features an innovative blend of classic 2D hand-drawn animation, 3D computer-generated imagery and a live-action performance.

Just like 2017's "Season Of The Witch", "Invasion" — produced and mixed by Barry Pointer and scheduled for release during the summer of 2019 — will be entirely released via a series of music videos. With "Zoinks!" and "Crank It - Living With Ghosts" now out in the wild, John 5 plans to reveal his next music video for "I Am John 5" (an official sequel to "Zoinks!") on March 1. Details on further music videos are coming soon.

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