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ANGEL BLACK release video for 'Black Heart'

Rising out of Phoenix, Arizona, Angel Black will be releasing their debut record Killing Demons via Rockshots Records. As the band blasts into their first single "Black Heart", one thing is clear, nothing is subtle about Angel Black. Big sound and melody set the mood for this classic heavy metal band. Angel Black doesn't look to re-invent heavy metal, they clearly go after their fans with an aggressive assault for the ages.

The band comments on the upcoming debut:

"The concept of Killing Demons is that everyone has some kind of demon. Money, Drugs, Sex, Power. They can all be a demon if you let them. We feel we touched on a lot of them with the songs on the album. Strikeforce, touches on the armed forces that keep us a free world. Cyber Spy, talks about how much we let government into our private lives. Black Heart, is about those evil women that take you down. We play honest pure heavy metal from the heart and we think that Angel Black will be well received as a band that gives the fans what they expect. Music that you turn up loud and play over and over again."

Killing Demons will be released on March 22nd.


“Strikeforce” “Cyber Spy” “Death Mill” “Black Heart” “Killing Demons” “The Dream That Stood Alone” “Killing Me” “Metal Gods” (Judas Priest cover)

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