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MANOWAR announce new guitarist for farewell tour

E.V. Martel will be the guitarist on MANOWAR's upcoming "Final Battle" world tour 2019.

A musician since the age of 8 and devoted MANOWAR fan, E.V. lives the life of true metal and the music of MANOWAR. He has performed for years in the only official MANOWAR tribute band in the world. E.V. is proud to know every MANOWAR song ever recorded, and his style is a mix of all previous MANOWAR guitarists combined with his own metallic burning.

"I can think of no one more deserving to play with MANOWAR than a fan themselves; one who has dedicated their entire life to our fans and our music and who he has proven to be a true Manowarrior!" said MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio.

"I am honored beyond words to play for the greatest fans in the world!" said E.V. "I live by MANOWAR's message every day of my life: Believe in yourself and even your wildest dreams can come true!"

MANOWAR's "Final Battle" world tour 2019 will kick off on February 25 in Tel Aviv, Israel and will span over 28 cities; from Russia to Germany, Scandinavia and Birmingham, England to the far west of France.

A limited number of Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrades, for the most personal fan experience ever, are available on this tour.

Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrades are upgrades to the general admission tickets. This means owners of an Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrade must also hold a general admission ticket (sold separately).

Upgrades are available exclusively on The Kingdom Of Steel (Europe).

MANOWAR announced in October that its longtime guitarist Karl Logan will not be touring with the group after being arrested on charges of possessing child pornography.

Karl joined MANOWAR in 1994 as the replacement for David Shankle.

Photo courtesy of MANOWAR's Facebook page

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