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SIXX A.M. films new video

SIXX:A.M. filmed a new video on Wednesday, December 19.

A new photo of bassist Nikki Sixx, guitarist DJ Ashba, singer James Michael and drummer Dustin Steinke was posted on the band's Instagram page last night, along with the caption: "Did ya miss us? Shooting a new video"

SIXX:A.M. hasn't released any new music in two years and has been on hiatus since 2017. Ashba and Michael have since formed a new band, PYROMANTIC.

Sixx recently hinted at fresh material from SIXX:AM.. Asked by a fan earlier this month if he has written any new songs for SIXX:AM. or if he has closed that door, Sixx responded: "We have a lot of cool new music coming next year."

SIXX:A.M. embarked on its first North American headlining tour in support of the band's third album, "Modern Vintage", in 2015.

The 10th-anniversary editions of SIXX:A.M.'s "The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack" was made available in October 2017.

SIXX:A.M.'s latest album, "Vol. 2, Prayers For The Blessed", was released in November 2016 via Eleven Seven Music. The disc was written and recorded at the same time as "Vol. 1, Prayers For The Damned", released earlier that same year, and it acted as a companion piece to the first chapter.

Back in October 2017, Sixx said that there were "no tour plans for SIXX:A.M." He explained: "James and DJ and me talked at the beginning of [2017], and I think that the idea of SIXX:A.M. being a side project has been just the way it's been, and we went out and started focusing on it being a main project. And I think DJ has a bunch of stuff he wants to do musically, and he has this media company that he focuses on that he does really good at. And James is a producer and a songwriter."

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