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CRASHDIET release 'Illegal Rarities Vol. 2'

The band posted the following on their social media page:

So, the Illegal Rarities Vol. 2 CD's finally arrived today!!! Which means, that yours truly - Mr. London himself - will spend the rest of the day in his office, a.k.a The Bunker, shipping orders. Massive thanks to everybody who pre-ordered, we truly appreciate it! :D. I thought I could use some company in this process - and I also wanted you to hear the album - so, for the first time ever, I'm trying out this Youtube live streaming thing - please bear with me, join the chat - let me know if there are any issues ;). Also, please note that only the CD's have arrived so far - the vinyls are scheduled to arrive on December 27! Let's hope they make it. You can order the CD here (we ship worldwide!)

Tracklist :

1. Hot all through the night

2. Passion of relief

3. Breakin’ the chainz

4. Needle in your eye

5. Crazy nites

6. Happy happy me

7. Riot in everyone

8. Hell no

Mixed by Martin Sweet.

Artwork by Christel Mentges.

Or the digital download :​

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