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EASY ACTION featuring Kee Marcello to play Sweden Rock Festival

1986 saw the release of a Swedish melodic rock classic: the EASY ACTION album "That Makes One". Soon after its release, guitarist Kee Marcello was drafted to join EUROPE and the promising band fell apart. Vocalist Tommy Nilsson went on to become one of Sweden's biggest pop stars, scoring several huge domestic single hits. Following a number of successful years with EUROPE, Kee released solo albums and an autobiography, and performed in the Swedish version of the musical "Rock Of Ages", among other things.

An earlier incarnation of EASY ACTION, featuring Zinny Zan on vocals, had resurfaced in the past, but this summer, the "That Makes One" version of the band makes its first comeback since 1986 exclusively at the Sweden Rock Festival. This will also be Nilsson's first return to the world of hard rock in 33 years. The lineup will also include guitarist Chris Lind, bassist Nalle Påhlsson (TREAT, THERION) and former EASY ACTION live keyboard player Jörgen Ingeström.

"We have come to realize that over the years, our 1986 album 'That Makes One' has found an entirely new audience and I am very eager to make its acquaintance," says Nilsson.

"When I die, I would like to have my ashes spread over the '80s," adds Marcello. "I love this stuff!"

EASY ACTION will play the entire "That Makes One" album at Sweden Rock Festival, which takes place on June 5-8, 2019 in Sölvesborg.

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