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SLASH pays tribute to WILLIE BASSE his former bandmate in BLACK SHEEP

Celebrating Willie Basse: A Night Of Music & Stories, took place on December 14th at Boardner's in Hollywood, California. Willie Basse, best known for his role as bassist/frontman for legendary metalheads Black Sheep, passed away back in October at 62 years of age after a battle with cancer.

Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash made an appearance at the Celebrating Willie Basse event, joining other musicians for covers of The Beatles' "Come Together" and Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love". Video footage can be seen below:

Black Sheep

"I went on to join a band called Black Sheep with Willie Basse, which was a rite of passage for a succession of talented musicians. He is a really tall black guy who sings and plays bass and he had a penchant for landing the hottest shredder guitar players of the day." (Slash)

Slash played with this band in 1985.

  • Slash: guitar

  • Willie Basse: vocals

  • Paul Carmen: bass

  • Todd Devito: drums

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