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JORN - 50 Years On Earth - The Anniversary Box Set - 12 CD Vinyl Replica Box

On May 31, 1968, a little boy, Jorn Lande, that would become one of the world’s most renowned voices in rock was born. In the heart of Norway, between massive mountains in a little town called Rjukan, the little blond Viking grew up roaming the forests and mountains and rocking out to Elvis Presley and bands like Sweet, Slade, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Free and Black Sabbath. Fifty years later a celebrative Box Set – issued in limited edition – celebrating the artistic production of the fine Norwegian singer is released with the intent of closing a first major chapter of Jorn’s artistic career and open up the “second phase” of his musical production. With encyclopaedic content, “50 Years on Earth” includes all Jorn albums from “Worldchanger” (released originally in 2001) to “Out to Every Nation,” “The Duke,” “Lonely Are the Brave,” “Spirit Black,” “Song for Ronnie James,” “Bring Heavy Rock to the Land,” “Traveller” and the recent (released in 2017) “Life on Death Road.” All album artworks are created in a stunningly visual vinyl replica format. In addition you can find an exclusive collection of JORN’s Best Live tracks recorded from his albums “Live in the USA” and “Live in Black” and of JORN’s Best cover songs. Finally there is a cd which includes 16 rare and bonus tracks which are going to wet the appetites of the several JORN collectors around. The package includes handwritten notes from Jorn and is a complete must for all Hard Rock lovers! In Jorn Lande’s words “I'm proud to have made it this far and to still be around and relevant. This is first of all a thanks to all the music lovers around the world who keep believing. Thanks for all your support! I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with so many great and talented people. This rollercoaster of a rock and roll journey still has its wheels on the tracks and I'm truly excited about the future and what's to come... bring it on!”

Tracklisting: CD#1 "Worldchanger" 1. Tungur Knivur 2. Sunset Station 3. Glow in the Dark 4. House of Cards 5. Bless the Child 6. Captured 7. Worldchanger 8. Christine 9. Bridges Will Burn CD#2 "Out to Every Nation" 1. Young Forever 2. Out to Every Nation 3. Something Real 4. Living With Wolves 5. Vision Eyes 6. One Day We Will Put Out the Sun 7. Behind the Clown 8. Rock Spirit 9. Through Day and Night 10. When Angel Wings Were White CD# 3 "The Duke" 1. We Brought the Angels Down 2. Blacksong 3. Stormcrow 4. End of Time 5. Duke of Love 6. Burning Chains 7. After the Dying 8. Midnight Madness 9. Are You Ready 10. Starfire CD#4 "Lonely Are the Brave" 1. Lonely Are the Brave 2. Night City 3. War of the World 4. Shadow People 5. Soul of the Wind 6. Man of the Dark 7. Promises 8. The Inner Road 9. Hellfire CD#5 "Spirit Black" 1. Spirit Black 2. Below 3. Road Of The Cross 4. The Last Revolution 5. City In Between 6. Rock And Roll Angel 7. Burn Your Flame 8. World Gone Mad 9. I Walk Alone 10. The Sun Goes Down (original bonus track Europe) CD#6 "Song for Ronnie James" 1. Song for Ronnie James 2. Invisible 3. Shame on the Night 4. Push 5. Stand Up and Shout 6. Don't Talk To Strangers 7. Lord of the Last Day 8. Night People 9. Sacred Heart 10. Sunset Superman 11. Lonely Is the Word - Letters from Earth 12. Kill the King 13. Straight Through the Heart (live) CD#7 "Bring Heavy Rock To The Land" 1. My Road 2. Bring Heavy Rock To the Land 3. A Thousand Cuts 4. Ride Like the Wind 5. Chains Around You 6. The World I See 7. Time To Be King 8. Ride To the Guns 9. Black Morning 10. I Came To Rock CD#8 “Traveller” 1. Overload 2. Cancer Demon 3. Traveller 4. Window Maker 5. Make Your Engine Scream 6. Legend Man 7. Carry The Black 8. Rev On 9. Monsoon 10. The Man Who Was King 11. Arctic Night (Bonus Track)( Instrumental) CD#9 “Life On Death Road” 1. Life On Death Road 2. Hammered To The Cross (The Business) 3. Love Is The Remedy 4. Dreamwalker 5. Fire To The Sun 6. Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness) 7. I Walked Away 8. The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope) 9. Devil You Can Drive 10. The Optimist 11. Man Of The 80's 12. Blackbirds 13. The Optimist (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track) CD#10 - Original Bonus Songs (studio versions) 1. Out To Every Nation 2. Burn Your Flame 3. Something Real 4. Young Forever 5. Walking on Water 6. One Day We Will Put Out The Sun 7. Starfire 8. I Came To Rock 9. Like Stone In Water 10. Gate Of Tears 11. End Comes Easy 12. Gonna Find The Sun 13. Noose 14. Showdown 15. Abyss Of Evil 16. Where The Winds Blow CD#11 - Bonus live cd 1. Road Of The Cross 2. Shadow People 3. Soul Of The Wind 4. War Of The World 5. Below 6. The Inner Road 7. Rock And Roll Angel 8. We Brought The Angels Down 9. Blacksong 10. Godless And Wicked 11. Soulburn 12. Are You Ready 13. The Whitesnake Medley CD#12 - The covers (studio versions) 1. Naked City 2. Hotel California 3. I Know There's Something Going On 4. Fool For Your Loving 5. You're The Voice 6. The Final Frontier 7. Don't Stop Believing 8. Cold Sweat 9. Perfect Strangers 10. Live To Win 11. Running Up That Hill 12. Die Young 13. The Day The Earth Caught Fire 14. Run To You 15. Egypt (The Chains Are On)


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