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Lost Realm Records re-issues DAMIEN albums with bonus DVD's

The year of 1990 marks a turning point on DAMIEN's career. Original vocalist Randy V exits the band and the vocal duties are delivered to Troy Moore, which brings a new vocal approach to the consolidated style of the band. In the 1992, a promotional tape is recorded with 7 songs, which represents one of the best (and not so well-known) music moments of DAMIEN. The tape, with an original pressing of about 100 copies, sold out very quickly and is today one of the DAMIEN's most desirable items! We are delighted with the opportunity, to have this moment of DAMIEN history available in CD, for the first time! Besides the 7 songs from the promotional tape, rare live footage of this era will be included, with two live performances available in DVD! The booklet will comprise full song lyrics, band biography and photos. Don't miss the opportunity to add CANDLE OF LIFE CD+DVD to your DAMIEN's collection!

It is common knowledge how the 90's decade turned out to be the darkest time for traditional heavy metal. Although, in 1995, DAMIEN contradicts the current status and puts out its third full length album... And justice must be made: ANGEL JUICE is clearly one of the best US Metal albums of the 90's! Fronted by Scott Miller as vocalist, Rob Brug on drums, together with DAMIEN masterminds Kevin 'Killer' Kekes (bass) and Chuck Stohl (guitars), ANGEL JUICE is a real heavy metal manifesto, full of intense and intricate compositions! Now we have the pleasure to release a special edition reissue of this DAMIEN classic! A CD+DVD deluxe edition, comprising the full ANGEL JUICE album, in a total of 12 songs, with lyrics, band photos, biography and never seen before live footage of that era! Definitely a must-have for any DAMIEN fan and US Metal appraisers!

Released in 2011 by the band and with a very short availability, the BEYOND APATHY full-length album marks the return of Toledo's heavy metal masters DAMIEN, after some years of intermission from recording duties. Fronted again by the original singer Randy V and the original drummer Johnny 'Evil' Cappelletty, BEYOND APATHY comprises a total of 11 songs of crushing U.S. Metal, with a very doomy, eerie feeling and a clear manifestation of DAMIEN's vitality and willingness for the challenges ahead. We proudly bring you this special edition of CD+DVD, which includes the full BEYOND APATHY album, with rare live footage of the 2011 tour, plus interviews, music videos and studio report. Enclosed as well, a 16-page booklet with official band biography, liner notes, song lyrics and photos. Limited edition of 500 copies.

We know all stories must come to an end. Some stories end in a dramatic way, others turn out to be more enlightening... But the beginnings are always important and essencial, because there is where we will find the wills, the hopes, the challenges, and above all, the determination to go further. The story of DAMIEN is far from over, but we can now have a more precise notion of how the beginning was. With the recordings present in the ST. CLAIR TAPES, we'll be able to join the moment DAMIEN was making the main hits, for its two future successful full-length albums. It is with a tremendous pleasure we bring this CD+DVD release, venturing in DAMIEN's early years! 15 songs with alternative versions from both 'Every Dog Has Its Day' and 'Stop This War' full-length albums, flawlessly remastered by Bart Gabriel, plus rare live footage from DAMIEN's early years. It includes 16 page booklet with official band biography, full lyrics and rare photos! Prepare yourselves for an unmissable piece of DAMIEN's music!

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