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BABYLON SHAKES Adds New member

Hard rockers Babylon Shakes have added a member to the band ,Bassist Gary Jordan moves over to guitar making room for new bassist and now 4th member David Elmore. Hailing from Virginia, Dave compliments the band perfectly bringing a wealth of musical skill, knowledge and talent to the band. Dave played in the popular Virginia band ‘TILT’, hails Aerosmithbassist Tom Hamilton, and is influenced by Aerosmith, Hanoi Rocks, and The Black Crowes.

Gary, an amazing guitar player, has always played bass in bands because, “they needed a bass player”. Gary can now show off his guitar playing adding another dynamic to the band.

The move comes at a perfect time as the band is preparing to release their first full-length record ‘Exile to The Velveteen Lounge’ nationally through HighVolMusic on February 1, 2019. “I’ve been handling all the guitar duties as well as singing since we started the band. Adding Dave and moving Gary to guitar, which Gary always wanted to do, now frees me up to what I do and cover more ground as a band. The foundation of the band is more solid than ever and Dave is just a perfect fit. That almost never happens!” says guitarist/vocalist Chris Clark.

Since its formation in September 2017, BABYLON SHAKES has been on the fast track writing and recording, playing prominent events such as ‘Holiday Six Pack w/ Tora Tora’, ‘HighVolSummer Bash’ with ‘Every Mother’s Nightmare’ and ‘Billy Morris’, and ‘The Main Event with Silvertung’ along with many shows of their own, and building a mass fan base. BABYLON SHAKES was signed to HighVolMusic after their first show ever.

Full release details on ‘Exile to The Velveteen Lounge’ will be revealed soon. For more information check and

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