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THE QUIREBOYS To Release Limited Edition Vinyl Of 'Homewreckers & Heartbreakers'

"Recently we re-released a 10th Anniversary edition CD of the classic, Homewreckers & Heartbreakers, as well as performing the whole show at the 02 Kentish Forum to a sold out crowd," states a message from The Quireboys.

"The CD sold out in record time and is now Gold Dust to get a hold of, however we have been inundated with people asking us to release it on vinyl with the original artwork cover. Well, it's Xmas and we've given in to everyone's demands, so as its the 10th anniversary of this amazing piece of music, we will be doing a limited run of 500 only, which can only be booked via Off Yer Rocka Recordings or on the road with the band.

"This will be a classic cut of 180 gram quality vinyl with deep groove to guarantee the classic vinyl rumble sound, white poly inners and 10th anniversary edition artwork. As we mentioned there will be 500 only, a one off run. If you want one, I would jump on it fast as they will be collectors items the minute we put them on sale."

Pre-order here.


Side A "Love This Dirty Town" "Mona Lisa Smiled" "Louder" "Hello" "Blackwater"

Side B "Fear Within The Lie" "One For The Road" "Late Night Saturday Call" "Hall Of Shame" "Take A Look At Yourself" "Josephine"


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