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PRETTY MAIDS to release 'A Blast From The Past' a 12CD box set, plus select vinyl reissues

Pretty Maids are set to release A Blast From The Past, a 12CD box set, plus select vinyl reissues, on February 22nd via Frontiers Music Srl. A video trailer can be found below.

For many years, there has been a growing demand for reissues of Pretty Maids' albums from the '90s and onwards. A lot of these albums haven’t been accessible for years on either CD, vinyl, or digitally, so Frontiers is thrilled to roll out these catalog reissues for Pretty Maids fans, both old and new.

For North American fans, the only place you can get this limited edition box set is at the PledgeMusic store (link above) and it is limited to 50 copies. Vinyl reissues available there too.

Says the band: "The '90s and the beginning of the new millennium were pretty hard times for traditional melodic hard rock and metal. Many new sub-genres dominated the rock world, the scene changed more or less constantly, and new trends came and went, leaving melodic hard rock a bit adrift. But, the genre was always there, still is, and always will be thanks to probably the most loyal and faithful supporters you’ll ever find in the music business.

"Pretty Maids has always taken great pride in delivering the best possible music at any given time, regardless of trends, and it is with great pleasure we now can reissue these albums.

"Enjoy the music whether it be for the first time or again for the first time in a little while!"

The 12CD box set details and tracklisting are below. The eight titles that will be reissued on vinyl are:

- Scream - Wake Up To The Real World - Motherland - Pandemonium - Planet Panic - Carpe Diem - Spooked - Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing

12CD box set details:

1. Scream

"Rise" "Scream" "Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth" "This Love" "Walk Away" "No Messiah" "In A World Of Your Own" "Don't Turn Your Sex On Me" "Adrenaline Junkie" "Anytime Anywhere"

2. Spooked

"Resurrection" (Intro) "Freakshow" "Dead Or Alive" "Die With Your Dreams" "Fly Me Out" "Live Until It Hurts" "Spooked" "Twisted" "If It Can't Be Love" "Never Too Late" "Your Mind Is Where The Money Is" "Hard Luck Woman" "The One That Should Not Be" "Where The Blood Runs Deep" (*) "Crazy Horses" (*) "A Love And A Fiction" (*)

(*) Bonus Tracks

3. Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing

"Snakes In Eden" "Destination Paradise" "Hell On High Heels" "When The Angels Cry" "Back Off" "Only In America" "With These Eyes" "Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing" "Scent Of My Prey" "Face Me" "Loveshine"

4. Carpe Diem

"Violent Tribe" "Carpe Diem" "Tortured Spirit" "Wouldn't Miss You" "Clay" "Poisoned Pleasures" "Until It Dies" "The Unwritten Pages" VFor Once In Your Life" "They're All Alike" "Time Awaits For No One" "Invisible Chains"

5. Planet Panic

"Virtual Brutality" "Playing God" "He Who Never Lived" "Face Of My Enemy" "Not What You Think" "Natural High" "Who's Gonna Change" "Worthless" "One Way To Rock" "Enter Forevermore"

6. Wake Up to the Real World

"Wake Up To The Real World" "All In The Name Of Love" "I Am The End" "As Guilty As You" "Why Die For A Lie" "Such A Rush" "Where True Beauty Lies" "Brave Young New Breed" "Terminal Violence" "Perfect Strangers" "Another Shot Of Your Love"

7. Pandemonium

"Pandemonium" "I.N.V.U." "Little Drops Of Heaven" "One World One Truth" "Final Day Of Innocence" "Cielo Drive" "It Comes At Night" VOld Enough To Know" "Beautiful Madness" "Breathless" "Ka-Ching" (*) "It Comes At Night" (Remix)*

(*) Bonus Tracks

8. Motherland

"Mother Of All Lies" "To Fool A Nation" "Confession" "The Iceman" "Sad To See You Suffer" "Hooligan" "Infinity" "Why So Serious" "Motherland" "I See Ghosts" "Bullet For You" "Who What Where When Why" "Wasted" "Mother Of All Lies" (Remix) (*)

(*) Bonus Track

9. Louder Than Ever

"Deranged" "Playing God" "Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth" "My Soul To Take" "He Who Never Lived" "Virtual Brutality" "Tortured Spirit" "With These Eyes" "Nuclear Boomerang" "Snakes In Eden" "Wake Up To The Real World" "A Heart Without A Home" "Deranged" (Extended Version) (*)

(*) Bonus Track

10. Kingmaker

"When God Took A Day Off" "Kingmaker" "Face The World" "Humanize Me" "Last Beauty On Earth" "Bull's Eye" "King Of The Right Here And Now" "Heavens Little Devil" "Civilized Monsters" "Sickening" "Was That What You Wanted (Look What You've Got)" "Kingmaker" (Extended Version) "Humanize Me" (Extended Version) (*)

(*) Bonus Track

11. Screamin’ Live

"Psycho-Time-Bomb Planet-Earth" "Rock The House" "Rise" "Walk Away" "Scream" "Yellow Rain" "Sin-Decade" "Savage Heart" "No Messiah" "Please Don't Leave Me" "Lovegames" "Future World" "Back To Back" "Red Hot And Heavy"

12. Alive At Least

"Sin-Decade" "Destination Paradise" "Tortured Spirit" "Wouldn’t Miss You" "Nightmare In The Neighborhood" "Natural High" "Virtual Brutality" "Queen Of Dreams" "Cold Killer" "Playing God" "Snakes In Eden" "Shelly The Maid" "Live Until It Hurts" "Future World" "Red Hot And Heavy"

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