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R.I.P. former BulletBoys bassist Tommy Yates


Eight days after suffering a major stroke resulting in irreversible brain damage and three days after getting transferred to a Hospice, former BulletBoys and current Jack Michael Band bassist Tommy Yates passed away today at 10:45 am.

Our original post stated the following: “Tommy Yates update from family. We love you & will miss you brother.

Sometime the night of December 5, 2018 Tommy Yates suffered a severe stroke. Tommy was taken to Health Park Hospital in Fort Myers. After several days of tests and treatments from a wonderful staff of nurses and doctors the prognosis is extensive and irreversible damage to the brain.

Late on December 10, 2018 Tommy has been admitted to Hospice. He is comfortable as possible and resting.Everyone has no idea how much our family appreciates the hundreds of calls, posts, text messages and so forth.

At this time we still must ask for complete privacy through this devastating time. We promise to give you all of the information when the final arrangements have been made.

Love to all and Thank you


Danny Yates“

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