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LIPSHOK Release Lyric Video 'Bad Place'

“I’m crashing inside the madness. Is this such a bad place to be?” is the last line of the chorus to the track “Bad Place” off of the San Francisco Bay Area hard rockers’ LIPSHOK‘s CD “To Haunt a Quiet Realm”. It is their 3rd CD in 6 years, and the band has delved more deeply into their heavier musical style. The result is a mix of progressive metal and symphonic rock with layers of vocal harmonies, melodic keyboards and technical guitar shredding driving the tracks.

What’s unusual about the band is not only that its lead singer — Scarlett Dark — is a woman, but that she is the song writer, keyboardist, lead vocalist, and has trained as an opera singer. What’s also very different about Ms. Scarlett is her day job: she’s a tennis pro. Why the dark side for a tennis pro and opera singer? “It’s in my soul – what I’ve been drawn to since I was a child. My music is just a natural outpouring of my experiences and emotions.”

Most noteworthy on this CD is the help of good friend Glen Avelais playing all the guitar parts. Glen is a Northern California phenom known for his playing in and touring with Forbidden and Testament (and now HateFX) and he brings his guitar style to the music making “To Haunt a Quiet Realm” truly the most intense, creative and unforgettable CD LIPSHOK has done to date. Along with Scarlett is Phil Jameson on bass, Scott Bullerwell on guitar and Joe Londeree on drums.

The CDs’ #1 track “Bad Place” opens with acapella vocals and makes Scarlett your guide into a deep and mysterious world of frightening thoughts and eerie presences and has been made into a great lyric video. “More of You” is a song about obsessive love and loss. The CD also includes 8 other mesmerizing, hard-to-forget tracks including an environmental message and a thought provoking symphony!

Get the CD at Shop Sliptrick now | To Haunt a Quiet Realm

This CD is also available at CD Baby along with their other CDs “The Soul of a Broken Mind” 2013 and “In Darkness, Light” 2010. Also at iTunes, Amazon, and other online streaming services.

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