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THE SIXTH CHAMBER Release Video For 'Entrance to the Cold Waste'

Mythical gothic doom mysterians The Sixth Chamber present "Entrance to the Cold Waste", shot in the otherworldly wastelands of Death Valley, featuring Mahafsoun belly dance.

An entheogenic seeker and sorcerer (Rahne Pistor) stalks an irresistible will-o’-the-wisp sorceress (Mahafsoun) through the vast tortured waste far beyond the waking world toward the marvelous sunset city. En route of his dream quest he encounters the creeper from the great beyond and other grim perils. What unspeakable horrors lie at the prehistoric stone monastery in the dominion of the crude and mischievous demon sultan Azathoth (Stanton LaVey), that evil devil? Who is left to trust? Do the seeker's true enemies lie within? Is reaching the wondrous Kadath in all its glory worth the wholesale scourging of his soul?

Rahne Pistor - Vocals, Guitar

Steve Jansson - Lead Guitar

Bobby Parker - Bass

Adam Thompson - Keyboards

Jameson Cluchey - Drums

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