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SABER TIGER 'Obscure Diversity' Album Review

Saber Tiger formed in 1981 by guitarist and sole-constant member Akihito Kinoshita, who is responsible for producing, engineering and composing most of the band’s work.

Most metal fans know about bands like Loudness, X Japan, and Sabbat but flying a little bit more under the radar then those bands is Saber Tiger. Having been around for nearly 40 years the band has cranked out 22 studio/live/demo/ep's in that time. The band once even employed the likes of Ron Keel to sing on the album "Project One".

Saber Tiger are a traditional heavy metal band. There are moments throughout "Obscure Diversity" where they tread into progressive power metal, but at the heart of it all Saber Tiger is a straight up in your face kick ass heavy metal. If you've enjoyed the last several Loudness albums then it's safe to say there's a good chance that you'll find a lot to like here. Great musicianship, quality songs and some slick production make for another killer release. If you like what you hear I suggest going back and checking out Saber Tiger's "Project One" featuring Ron Keel.

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