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RHAPSODY OF FIRE Release Lyric Video 'The Legend Goes On'

- Excellent new studio album by Italian symphonic metal-kings RHAPSODY OF FIRE and first studio album with very talented new singer Giacomo Voli

- This new epic material is stilisticly close to their late 90’s / early 2000’s masterpieces without marking that time

- "The Eighth Mountain" starts a story concept that will stretch over three records in total - Coverartwork by Alex Charleux (Rhapsody Of Fire, Ubisoft)

- Mix and Mastering by Sebastian "Seeb" Leevermann (Orden Ogan, Almanac)

- The last studio album "Into The Legend" (2016) entered the charts in several countries (DE #47, CH #34, IT #76)

- RHAPSODY OF FIRE is one of the most popular and metal acts in Europe who have raised the bar for their genre

- RHAPSODY OF FIRE are the creator of epic symphonic metal – combining Hollywood-like sound landscapes with metal

- A huge fanbase with over 500.000 fans on facebook and 2 million sold records

Tracklisting: 01 Abyss Of Pain 02 Seven Heroic Deeds 03 Master Of Peace 04 Rain Of Fury 05 White Wizard 06 Warrior Heart 07 The Courage To Forgive 08 March Against The Tyrant 09 Clash Of Times 10 The Legend Goes On 11 The Wind, The Rain And The Moon 12 Tales Of A Hero’s Fate


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