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REVOLUTION HIGHWAY Drop Self-Titled Debut Album

Mega-Awesome debut studio disc by this outstanding hard rock band featuring David Fefolt on Vocals and Stavros Papadopoulos on Guitar. Includes 11 killer tracks of powerful, melodic, blues-based, heavy rock music that lands with supreme, high octane, classic hard rock excellence. Revolution Highway is fronted by the phenomenal vocal talents of David Fefolt, an excellent, seasoned heavy rock vocalist who previously has been in many great bands through the years including FireWolfe, Angels Of Babylon, Fifth Angel and Masi to name a few. David Fefolt is a world-class rock vocalist who sings his ass off with endless strength, passion and melodic soul-power. Revolution Highway also features the incredible, bad-ass, heavy guitar rock skills of Stavros Papadopoulos, an amazing, prolific, hard rock riff:master from Greece who stands tall and speaks the same musical language of the guitar greats. Papadopoulos is a true 'Guitar Hero' who lands rock solid impressive with his guitar rock talents in Revolution Highway along with his other excellent bands that have been released over the past several years: Super Vintage, Freerock Saints, Hard Driver & Universal Hippies. Revolution Highway is rounded out by the excellent musical talents of John Christopoulos on bass and Chris 'Rock Machine' Lagios on drums. An amazing new Classic hard rock band has been born with a group of 'Rock N' Roll Saviors' who are on a Mission to Keep the Rock alive. The Revolution Highway 'Self-Titled' disc from Grooveyard Records is an essential 'musical document' from a remarkable, blues-based, hard rock band that lands classic, timeless and memorable. Prepare to Rock and take a bad-ass musical ride on the Revolution Highway. Raise The Fist Of The Hard Rock Child Who Believes In True Rock N' Roll. Together We Stand United And Rock Forever On The Revolution Highway.

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