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LIVESAY 'Chronicles' Career Spanning Release

New York based Livesay is a prime example of a band that has flown under the proverbial radar and has self-sustained 4 incredible albums: S/T (1996), Darkest Hour (2002), Awaken the Giant (2010) and Frozen Hell (2016). Livesay is not a novice to the big stage and has opened for a multitude of hard rocks premier acts such as Ronnie James Dio, Y&T, Dokken, Lynch Mob, Ratt, Thin Lizzy, Vince Neil, Sebastian Bach, Quiet Riot, Michael Schenker, UFO, Fates Warning and many others. In addition to appearing at the Rock N’ Skull Festival 2 years in a row, they have headlined many times as well. With very little major backing, it’s been a willingness and belief that has driven this band.

Livesay’s sound is not easily classified; musical diversity is what powers these guys. It can best be described as Neo-Classical, Melodic, Hard Rock meshed with Progressive elements that combined, deliver a sonic, dream symphony. The band draws influences & inspiration from the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Classic Deep Purple, Racer X, Early Dream Theater and Early Fates Warning. With a magnitude of melodic, catchy hooks and vocal harmonies to the dark, mystical, heavy, technical progression, there is something for every rock genre to latch onto. The new album titled “Chronicles” features 13 Tracks that bring the history of Livesay full-circle.

From the earliest unreleased material from 1992's Demo ep "Live & Let Rock that features the tracks “Live & Let Rock” and the ballad “Fallen Nights” to the best of 1996 - 2016. The “Chronicles” album coverrs the bands career from humble beginnings and culminates with the brand new track and single, “International Man,” recorded at Fox Hollow Studios, engineered by Sal Lorello and mixed and mastered by Jeff Westlake (Hydrogyn) of Ridgeline Productions. The new track features new Vocalist Mike Gill (Beyond Purple) and ushers in a brand new beginning that will feature a new album in 2019. “Chronicles” is certain to draw the attention of hard rock fans no matter what their taste and drops November 30th on RFL Records/Cargo Records Distro Europe.


G - Gregg Livesay - All Tracks V - Pete White - Tracks 1-6 V - Anthony Cross - Tracks 7-9 V - Dean Sternberg - Tracks 10-12 V - Mike Gill - Track 13 D - Tim Hunter - Tracks 10-12 D - Keith Michaels - Tracks 1-7, 13 K - Tony Stahl - Tracks 3-13 K - Kenny Mosk - Tracks 1-2 B - Rich Andrews - Track 13 B - Pete Ronda - Tracks 1-6 B - Alan D'Angelo - Tracks 7-12

“Live & Let Rock” & “Fallen Nights”

Recorded @ Northlake Sound Engineered by Ed Solan

“Red Room” thru “Aphasia” Recorded @ Millbrook Studios Engineered by Paul Drofino

“International Man” Recorded @ Fox Hollow Studios Engineered by Sal Lorello Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Westlake

Cover Art and Concept by Anthony Dura

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