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IGNORE THE SIGN Unleash "Silver Wind" Video

Taken from the current album "A Line To Cross". A number of tracks are prime examples of the new band’s succinct style, ´A Line To Cross` featuring all the elements that Ignore The Sign stand for, from classic rock through pop music references to a progressive approach with a complexity reminiscent of Toto. In addition, there’s the ambitioned lyric with a distinct line that speaks for itself: “When my tomorrow seems to be your yesterday.” Obviously, it’s all about pushing the envelope and setting out for new horizons without taking things too far.


01. Saviors Of Rock

02. A Line To Cross

03. No Way Home

04. Brother

05. The Story Isn’t Over

06. When Words Ain’t Enough

07. God With A Million Faces

08. Sweet Lady

09. Days Of Thunder

10. Behind The Wall

11. Can’t Find The Door

12. Silver Wind

13. Looking In The Sun

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