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CONVENT GUILT 'Diamond Cut Diamond' Album Review

After the great self-titled demo and the amazing debut album, these four Australians are back with another slab of melodious traditional heavy metal. Their songs have the dirt and grit that metal needs, yet manage to intrigue every single time by their melodies which immediately get stuck in your head.

Aussie hard rockers Convent Guilt evoke the raw emotion of New Wave of British Heavy Metal to a tee on "Diamond Cut Diamond". If someone had told me this album was recorded in 1980, I would've believed it without question. The band brings to mind memories of early Iron Miaden, Tygers of Pan Tang and Sweet Savage. Frontman Ian Belshaw’s voice is a throwback to metal's early years, while the band’s guitarists lay down some great harmonies and, power fueled agression. Stand out tracks include "Born To Trouble", "Scream Out Your Heart" and " Thief In The Night"


1. Howling Vengeance

2. Born to Trouble

3. Powder Dry

4. Scream Out Your Heart

5. Bonnie and Clyde

6. Thief in the Night

7. Foxes Run


Brent - Drums

Andrew - Guitars

Dario - Guitars

Ian - Vocals, Bass

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