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A Little Doom And A Whole Lot Of Heavy Metal – Meet CIRCLE OF WITCHES

Circle Of Witches is a heavy metal band with doom influences formed in Italy in 2004 by the will of Mario Bove (lead voice and guitar). Through the years they featured in hundreds of live shows and festivals, recorded a bunch of demos, two EP’s and three full-length album with the newest going by the title of Natural Born Sinners and scheduled for release via Sliptrick Records in the early months of 2019. The band has been honored to share the stage with famous artists like Candlemass, Russell Allen (Symphony X), Dark Tranquillity, Decapitated, Melechesh, to name just a few.

In the early days, the band played a raw stoner metal, with strong roots belonging to ‘70s hard and heavy. They had gigs in small clubs and parties, keeping their activity strictly in Italy, always searching for a new stage but showing no real interest in dealing with labels. In 2013 they joined forces with Polish producer Bart Gabriel (Sacred Steel, Crystal Viper, Burning Starr) and sound engineer Mariusz Pietka (Lonewolf, Sabaton, Mortician). They recorded Rock The Evil, a ten tracks album blending heavy metal and stoner, bringing Circle Of Witches closer to Motorhead’s granitic sound and united with the dark riffing of Black Sabbath and the harsh impact of the NWOBHM. A few months later Circle of Witches inked a deal with Metal Tank Records which published the album in February 2014, followed by the promotional tour.

In January 2017 the band hunkered down in Alpha Omega Studios on Lake Como to record the brand new album Natural Born Sinners produced by Alex Azzali and Nicholas Barker (Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Testament). This new chapter is focused upon the concept of riot and rebels of the past such as Lucifer, Spartacus, Anton Lavey, Giordano Bruno. The eleven tracks mark the path of heavy metal and doom influences with a sound that brings to mind Judas Priest, Grand Magus and Candlemass.

Circle Of Witches are: Mario Bove – Vocals/Guitar | Joe Dardano – Guitar | Tony Farabella – Bass/Back Vocals | Joey Coppola – Drums

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