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GUARDIANS OF TIME : Release music video for “As I burn” Featuring TIM “RIPPER” OWENS

Norwegian heavy metal/power metal band Guardians Of Time have released their fifth album, Tearing Up The World, via ROAR! Rock Of Angles Records.

The album is available as Digipack CD + Double Black Vinyl. Tearing Up The World features guest performances from Abbath and Tim ”Ripper” Owens. A music video for “As I Burn” featuring Owens can be seen below.

Tracklisting:Digipack CD:

“Tearing Up The World”

“Raise The Eagle”

“We’ll Bring War”

“Burning Of Rome”

“Kingdom Come”

“Valhalla Awaits”

“Brothers Of The North”

“Light Won’t Shine”

“As I Burn”

“Drawn In Blood”

“Masters We Were”

Guardians Of Time is considered as one of the leading heavy/power metal bands in Norway, with members holding experience from other bands such as Trail Of Tears, Susperia and Harm. Focusing on in-your-face heavy metal and live performances filled with power and energy, the band is always keen on giving their audience what they want; a heavy metal party! In the recent years they have toured Europe six times, supporting bands like Sabaton, Sepultura and Fear Factory. Guardians Of Time have played in Serbia, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Romania.

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