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AXL Rose Thanks Fans For 'Concern n’ Well Wishes' Following Shortened Set In Abu Dhabi

Guns N' Roses were forced to cut short their November 25th performance in Abu Dhabi when singer Axl Rose became "severely ill." Rose got through 20 songs before calling it quits, and not without informing the crowd of the situation.

Axl has since updated his Twitter account with the following message(s):

"Wanna thank All the fans, the band n’ every1 4 their concern n’ well wishes! In Johannesburg w/plenty of time 2 b ready 4 the show!👍🏼This flu or whatever is a wild ride! Comes in waves. Ur ok till ur not!"

"Felt lame explainin’ myself earlier on at the gig but really didn’t know how things would play out n’ we really wanted to do r best 4 the fans. Was a GREAT crowd, awesome venue, cool stage (w/a gentle breeze in the desert!)"

"Thanks again n’ hope any1’s not 2 disappointed n’ we look 4ward 2 see every1 again in the UAE!!"

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