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VEONITY Bring Us Epic Tales In ‘Legend Of The Starborn’

Legend Of The Starborn contains 13 masterful tracks of stadium fueled force which also features guest appearances from Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, Reinxeed) and Patrik Selleby (Bloodbound, Shadowquest). Legend Of The Starborn forms the sequel to the space saga which began on their previous album Into The Void and is, in fact, the third release via Sliptrick Records. The album shows Veonity flexing their considerable muscle with highlights too numerous to mention here.

The original artwork has been created by Thomas Holmstrand and the album was recorded by Ronny Milianowicz and mastered by Fascination Street Studios creating a powerful and pristine sound. Fans of the band and lovers of glorious, classic power metal will not be disappointed.

Legend Of The Starborn concept: A sequel to Into The Void. Arriving in the age of vikings, The Hero discovers that the technical progress that killed the earth started when the vikings vanished. An alien race called Atlantis came to earth with inventions and techonology but began to enslave mankind. The Hero leads the last remaining vikings on a quest to save humanity.

“My verdict on Legend of the Starborn… After listening to this album for a good week in multiple ways; earbuds, house stereo and in my car, it’s my hot pick! I suggest that you get this one for your collection. You are going to hear many great elements in this album that just keep coming. Pay attention because you will find yourself saying, wait, what was that. Then going to back to hear part of an arrangement again. I did this on Gates Of Hell. It has this almost Satriani style of playing that was really cool mixed in their sound! I really enjoyed this album. Definitely one I will be playing for a long time to come.” Diane Webb for

Track Listing:

01. Rise Again | 02. Starborn | 03. Guiding Light | 04. Winds Of Asgard | 05. Outcasts Of Eden | 06. Sail Away | 07. The Prophecy | 08. Warrior Of The North | 09. Gates Of Hell | 10. Freedom Vikings | 11. Lament | 12. To The Gods | 13. United We Stand

Track 04 features guest vocals by Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, Reinxeed) Track 07 features guest narration by Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse) Track 10 features guest vocals by Patrik Selleby (Bloodbound, Shadowquest)

Veonity are:

Anders Sköld – Vocals/Guitar | Samuel Lundström – Guitar | Joel Kollberg – Drums | Kristoffer Lidre – Bass

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