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MEKA NISM Premiere Music Video 'Black Sky'

Orlando, Florida’s MEKA NISM is premiering their new video “Black Sky.” The track is the band’s most intimate song off their latest EPThe War Inside. The band created the video in hopes that the beautiful and terrifying imagery inside the lyrics and melodies will help those listening to dig down deep into their soul, which follows their EP’s message ofstanding up to face your inner demons, conquer your internal battles, and to help realize that you can change your life for the better. The band adds:

“This song stands out amongst the rest on our EP, mostly due to the piano work. We wanted to take you on an emotional journey from start to finish. With some amazing performances from the very talented Masami Koshikawa, the Gothic ballerina Lady Cimorene from Phantasmagoria, the spiritual ceremony work of actual Shamans John Moore and Tino eagle heart along with the incredible Delilah Bryan signing in ASL; Black Sky comes to life on screen with the biggest attempt in universal communication possible. We had the pleasure of working with Jim Dougherty again, as he has done the last two videos for this EP. In the video, we chose black and white to represent the spiritual contrast between trauma and transformation. So we wanted to strip down and show ourselves to be as transparent and genuine as possible.”

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