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THE HOTS Release Self-Titled EP And New Video

The Hots, formed in Sydney Australia by front woman Foxie Kelly and guitarist Ronnie Simmons are an electrifying combination of Foxie Kelly’s fiery vocal presence and Ronnie’s aggressive guitar playing. The pair know it’s a long way to the top and their lead single Before You is the spark ready to ignite the fire of female fronted rock in 2018 and propel the The Hots higher.

Now based in Los Angeles, The Hots earned their chops performing live for outlaw motorcycle clubs around regional Australia. Impenetrable ground for some, Foxie Kelly – with undeniable talent and formidable self-confidence, and Ronnie Simmons who has played guitar with Rock Royalty (Rose Tattoo, The Screaming Jets & Richie Ramone of The Ramones) stood their ground and absorbed the rebellious energy, injecting it into their iconic sound.

In early 2018 The Hots hit the studio to bring their debut record to life with the help of Mark Opitz, who is renowned for capturing the authentic Aussie Rock sound the world fell in love with through bands such as AC/DC, INXS, Divinyls and Rose Tattoo. The Hots EP offers a raw ‘in your face’ experience that is guaranteed to please and leave the listener wanting more.

Foxie Kelly reminds me so much of a young Chrissy Amphlett, she can sing like Chrissy and even thinks like Chrissy. – Mark Opitz

Ronnie Simmons proved the future of Aussie hard rock is in capable hands.- Angry Anderson, Rose Tattoo

The Hots filmed their debut music video Before You, with MTV Classic Australia producer Vashti Rosenberg. Vashti has made music videos for bands including Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Nickelback. The video features a wall of Marshall stacks and the The Hots driving a 1978 Pontiac Bandit Trans Am over the Sydney Harbour bridge.

Now, having paid their dues, Ronnie & Foxie are following in the footsteps of iconic singer guitarist partnerships such as Mick & Keith, Bon & Angus or Chrissy & Mark McEntee.

Tracklist: 1. Please Me 2. Before You 3. Shame the Devil 4. Nice Boys

‘The Hots’ EP by The Hots will be released 23rd of November 2018

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