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ELECTRIC BOYS Rlease New Video For 'You Spark My Heart'

The ELECTRIC BOYS have released a new video for "You Spark My Heart' from the bands latest release "The Ghostward Diaries".

HBH had the following to say in their review of Ghostward Diaries": Best known for the singles "All Lips ’N' Hips" and “Mary in a Mystery World” from the Mtv glory days. A new more mature Electric Boys has emerged with ten new tracks highlighting the bands maturity and musicianship. There are some great rockers like “Hangover in Hannover”, “First the Money, Then The Honey”, and “Knocked Out By Tyson”. The cool Tom Petty-ish “Gone Gone Gone”, but the song that could very well put this band back in the eye of the mainstream is “You Spark My Heart”. This track has a more modern feel to it and is just a great song! I highly recommend picking this one up when it hits stores in November.

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