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DIRTY RATS Simply Want To ‘Rock N Roll’

The Dirty Rats new album, Rock N Roll, delivers 8 new original hard rock songs, along with a heavy interpretation cover of a Vanda & Young classic, Yesterdays Hero, that is set to become a perennial Aussie anthem in the world of sticky carpets and beer stained bars.

Here’s the band describing how the album came together; “We started seriously writing and arranging for the current album, Rock N Roll, around mid 2016 and recorded later that same year into 2017 at Singing Bird Studio in Frankston Victoria, where it was also mixed and mastered. We love using Singing Bird as the engineers really let us have our heads and get what we are all about. Jamie and Andy came up with the idea that the album should just be recorded “live”, just go in and play as if we were doing a gig, and I reckon that was the best way to go, as it gave the album that rough and ready feel that we were after. We have always been a tight band musically with a good feel for how we each perform, so most tracks were recorded in just one or two takes. We had to do some overdubs with the guitar parts, due to some changes in guitarists, but otherwise we just got stuck in and got it done. All the songs on this album are drawn from our personal experiences, whether its dark and violent, knocking back cans and watching bands with our mates, romance gone wrong or wrestling with the Black Dog, it’s no bullshit, straight forward rock in a hard rocking Oz style. Rocking out in Rat Town, bloody oath!!!”

Track by track rundown:

01. Not Alone – A story of family violence with a message of empowerment for those facing violence in relationships. The story is told from Wayne’s experiences as a front line police officer and domestic violence survivor. An anthem for the downtrodden and oppressed.

02. Suicide – From a dark time in our lives. We have all been there, when its too easy to drink and let the black dog run all over our yard. It’s about climbing out of that deep dark hole and seeing that the sun is still shining.

03. Lowlife – Ah relationships, who’d have em! If I died tomorrow, would you remember me. A story of unrequited love and feeling like a lowlife.

04. Rat Town – The best part of of going to work is knowing that Friday night you get to go out and get on the piss with your mates, see a heap of your favourite bands and sing along at the top of your voice. Rocking out in Rat Town, it’s what we do.

05. When The Money Runs Out – Some clown wanted to “help us make it” as a band. Turns out what he really wanted was to make some money for himself and none for us. This song is about arseholes like that.

06. Notch In Your Belt – Have you ever had a relationships where you are madly in love, but they just want to be friends. Then they sleep with you, but “just as friends”? How crazy is that? Yeah, us too.

07. Everybody Bleeds – There was a “friend” of the band. Turned out he was a nutcase, mad as a cut snake. He made threats, went to the mad-house and we wrote a song.

08. Yesterdays Hero – Song was written by Harry Vanda and George Young, one of the best writing teams Australia has produced. No special story here, it’s just a cracker of a song and we love it and wanted to record it. It’s a cover, get over it.

09. Bad Man – Jamie loves cowboy movies and cowboys, especially John Wayne, so he wrote a song about cowboys. That’s about it really, cowboys and stuff.

Track Listing: 01. Not Alone | 02. Suicide | 03. Lowlife | 04. Rat Town | 05. When The Money Runs Out | 06. Notch In Your Belt | 07. Everybody Bleeds | 08. Yesterdays Hero | 09. Bad Man

Dirty Rats are: Wayne (Richie Rat) Rich – Vocals | Jamie Beovich – Bass | Anthony (Chooka) Chapple – Guitar | Andy Thomson – Drums

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