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SYLENT STORM to release debut album on November 30, 2018

Just weeks before STORMSPELL RECORDS releases the debut CD by Medford, Oregon’s SYLENT STORM on November 30, 2018, the entire 2018 EP has been made available for preview and download via Recently, the band launched its official website

at as well. The self-titled release was mixed and mastered by Doug Hill at 60 Psycho Hum Studios in Medford, Oregon. In recent years, Hill has become most well-known for his studio work with bands like HELMET, MASTODON and Scott Kelly from NEUROSIS. Hill said “As I worked on the tracks, it became obvious that these guys are diehard fans of traditional metal and they did a great job keeping that spirit alive.” The CD features guitarist James Lind, bassist Matt Foster, and Jym Harris formerly of Portland Oregon’s CRUELLA on lead vocals and drums. Harris says the 2019 SYLENT STORM lineup features new members, and touring plans are promised to be released as live dates become available. The New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal band has been compared to the likes of LEATHERWOLF, METAL CHURCH and TOKYO BLADE plus early Metal Blade acts such as OBSESSION, WITCHKILLER and OMEN. Incidentally, there is a cover version of the Battle Cry-era OMEN classic “The Axeman” on both the physical CD and digital release. According to Harris, SYLENT STORM is currently interested in releasing the debut EP on vinyl & cassette as well.

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