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Motorists may soon be passing over "Black Sabbath Bridge" on Broad Street In Birmingham, U

Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi said their farewell at Birmingham's Gentling Arena in February 2017, but noticeably absent was drummer Bill Ward who remained estranged from the group over a contract dispute. However, there might still be one opportunity for the four original members of Black Sabbath to be aligned together in their native Birmingham if an architect gets his way.

Motorists may soon be passing over "Black Sabbath Bridge" on Broad Street or sitting on an honorary metal bench in front of which the Walk of Stars award for each original member will be arranged in the shape of a cross. As of now, drummer Bill Ward is the only member to not receive an individual star award and upon his receipt of this award, an additional group star will also be laid down.

The bench will bear the inscription, "Geezer. Ozzy. Tony. Bill. Made in Birmingham 1968" and will feature portraits of each member designed by Egyptian artist Tarek Abdelkawi.

As for the bridge, it will be constructed on a portion of Broad Street over the canal near Symphony Hall and the ICC. Mohammed Osama, the Dubai-based architect who pitched the idea, says it will be named in Sabbath's honor to coincide with the bench and that all plans have been approved by council.

“My vision is to reunite the four original members for the unveiling of the stars and ‘Metal Bench’ (the crowning jewel of the whole project)," stated Osama (via Birmingham Live).

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