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EVE TO ADAM 'Ithaca' Album Review

The new album, “Ithaca” from New York rockers Eve to Adam, is from start to finish, back to front, top to bottom, is an in your face ROCK album. The guys really returned to the “Queens to Eden” sound with this release. The entire album is just “comfortable:. You put it on and just jam out! No dull spots, the brothers Sassaris bring loads of volume with Taki on vocals and Alex on drums, Lyrically the songs are really good, layered in with some amazing vocals and instrumentation makes for this amazing album. Ithaca kicks off with “Landfill” and you know right away that this is a rock album! Filled with some really slick vocal work, Taki carries song up to a huge guitar solo while Alex pounds out the rhythm at a frantic pace, making this an excellent first track. “Tongue Tied” has a little Buckcherry feel. This is an even faster paced track, just balls to the wall.It really makes me want to crank the volume up and beat the shit out of something! Very aggressive. “Undertow” Features more slick vocal work from Taki. Between the music and vocals the blend is great, the sounds really lend themselves to one another. This song really makes you want to move. “The Price” and “Emergency” both get you moving with some really great vocal work backed with some killer music. Both songs are good just a little let down after the pummeling that the previous tracks doled out. “Altitude” Kicks in with some killer guitar riffs and proceeds to kick you in the face. Really cool lyrical track, that get delivered with tons of power. “Lucky” Another assault on your ears!! I was headbanging with this the first time i heard it! (and everytime after) a really great rock track. “Hurt Me” Another great rock track, the boys have the method worked out, really hitting their groove. You can really feel the drums that Alex is laying down throughout this track. “Chasing Ghosts” one of my favorite songs on the album. It isn't as heavy as some of the others, but that isn't always a bad thing. Taki kills the vocals, really smooth from high to low. “Day Drinkin” Now, this is something i can get behind!! The song itself is very anthemic, catchy rhythms and lyrics. This would make a really great song live. Fans stomping and clapping along...and drinking!! Truly a great rock track. Lastly, they hit you in the face with a truly remarkable cover song. “No easy way out” Made famous by Rocky IV . And this version is AMAZING!! Having a bit more edge than the original, with some really smooth vocal work. It makes me want to pick up a log and run up a hill!! All in all this is a really strong album. I was pleasantly surprised by how much i liked it. This is one album that i would recommend everyone giving a listen to. You can find the album on iTunes and Spotify. Give the band a like on Facebook. Always support live bands so we can keep enjoying live music!!

Review by: Randy Widman


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