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Hex A.D. will release 'Netherworld Triumphant' with guest appearence by former Dio guitarist

Norwegian doom metal band Hex A.D. will release their third album Netherworld Triumphant November 9th via Fresh Tea. This album is the most layered and organic Hex A.D. recording so far. The songs combine the heavygrooves and doomy riffs the band is known for, but clearly explores tendences that harks back to the start of progressive rock. Featuring a breathtaking guest appearence by former Dio guitarist Rowan Robertson on the song "WarChild". Frontman Rick Hagan has following comment on the new album: "A huge musical inspiration on "Netherworld Triumphant" are the albums that the biggest hardrock bands from the seventies released in the early eighties. Lyric wise the songs deal with many different themes, such as religious mysticism, war romanticism and spiritual unbalance." In May Hex A.D. released their first single from the upcoming album; "Netherworld Triumphant pt. I". The title track is a story in two parts consisting of 14 minutes of groovy heavy rock. Like Uriah Heep meets Kyuss who suddenly floats into Pink Floyd and infernal King Crimson riffs. Pre-order your copy from Tiger record store or directly from the label Fresh Tea. TRACKLIST 1. Himmelskare 2. Skeleton Key Skeleton Hand 3. Netherworld Triumphant pt. I 4. Netherworld Triumphant pt. II 5. WarChild 6. Boars On Spears 7. Ladders To Fire Hex A.D.'s music is doomy and heavy, based on heavy guitar riffs. But their music also clearly shows the members' progressive preferences. The band's classic rock sound reminds a bit of the 1970s, without being retro. Frontman Rick Hagan composes both lyrics and melodies, and he takes the main responsibility in the studio where he plays all instruments besides keys. Organ and mellotron are handled by maestro Magnus Johansen, both live and in studio. Since 2011, the band has been working closely with producer Chris Tsangarides who has done his magic with the band's albums. On stage the band emphasizes spontaneity and improvisation, and this is where the magic really happens. For a number of years, Magnus has been working closely with Jon Lordfrom Deep Purple, and if there is one person who really knows what it means to play on the edge, it must be him. This love for the spontaneous and intense is also shared by the band's rhythm section; bassist 'Arry Gogstad and drummer Matt Hagan prefer it loud, dangerous and alive. Several of the band members have for a number of years been touring in Europe and Asia with artists like Blaze Bayley, Paul Di'Anno, Geoff Nicholls, Bernie Marsden, Ripper Owens and Rowan Robertson, known for his time in Dio. Robertson has on several occasions been a guest with Hex A.D. on stage. Not only is he contributing to the band's upcoming album, he will also be seen on future concerts.

BAND MEMBERS Rick Hagan: Vocal, guitar Mags Johansen: Organ, mellotron, keyboard 'Arry Gogstad: Bass Matt Hagan: Drums

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