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A NEW REVENGE feat: Ripper Owens, James Kottak, Rudy Sarzo and Keri Kelli Sign With Golden Robot Rec

James Kottak speaking about his new bband A NEW REVENGE, that's Keri Kelli, Rudy Sarzo, Tim 'Ripper' Owens from JUDAS PRIEST. You know Rudy from WHITESNAKE. Keri Kelli played with ALICE COOPER. We've had an album in the can for two and a half years, trying to find the right label. We finally found it with an Australian label called Golden Robot Records. That album will come out in../ I want to say late January, February. We're shooting a few videos and the first single will come along in January. I'm super excited about that, because that's a little more hard rock with an alternative edge. It has great melody and killer, in-your-face type of stuff. It's a great album."

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