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RECKER 'Manifest Destiny' Album Review

Recker reconciles the guts of Anvil and early Judas Priest with the compositional fortitude of bands like Steeler and Manowar, making Recker one of the better throw backs to 80’s Heavy Metal in recent memory.

Spawned from what started out as a solo project for vocalist Rich Recker, the band has been gigging around the Vancouver, WA area since 2012. Having laid the ground work with previous releases, the band has raised the bar high with the recent release of “Manifest Destiny”.

“Manifest Destiny” provides some fist pumping anthems, including the lead off single “Hellhound”, the heavily influenced Judas Priest / Manowar vibe of “King” and the all out rockers “Light It Up” and “Something Wicked ( This Way Comes).

Well written songs, solid and hooky, and full of energy; sure to find a place in any red blooded American Metalhead’s heart. The best way to describe “Manifest Destiny” would be to say if you didn’t know better, you would think this was a long lost gem from the early 80’s.

Check out the bands interview with HAIRBANDHEAVEN.ROCKS HERE

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