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ICED EARTH mastermind Jon Schaffer has teamed up with his old pals in PURGATORY, the band that he originally founded in 1985, then later became ICED EARTH, to record five tracks that were written between 1985 and 1987, now to be released as the "Purgatory" EP on December 21 through Century Media. All five tracks featured on the EP offer real U.S. metal and perfectly capture the spirit of the mid 1980s with a powerful production, rounded up by liner notes or comments of Schaffer, Gene Adam, Greg Seymour and Bill Owen and fitting cover artwork by David Newman Stump and Roy Young, known from their excellent work on ICED EARTH's latest album, "Incorruptible". The greatest surprise might be Gene Adam, ICED EARTH's original singer who sang on the band's self-titled debut album from 1990, who delivers his best vocal performance ever. The song "Dracula" can be checked out below.

"Purgatory" is dedicated to Richard Bateman, the band's original bass player, who passed away right before the EP went into production.

The "Purgatory" EP can be pre-ordered here.

"Purgatory" track listing:

01. In Your Dreams (4:55) 02. Dracula (6:08) 03. In Jason's Mind (5:03) 04. Jack (4:00)

05. Burning Oasis (5:38)

Jon Schaffer's PURGATORY is:

Jon Schaffer - Rhythm And Lead Guitars, Vocals Gene Adam - Lead Vocals Bill Owen - Lead Guitar

Guest appearances by:

Jim Morris - Lead Guitar Ruben Drake - Bass Guitar Mark Prator - Drums

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