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THUNDER to release new album 'Please Remain Seated' January 18th, 2019

Thunder to release new album "Please Remain Seated" and will be released via BMG (our new label) on January 18th 2019. It’s an exploration into our own music. Q. What’s that? A: After we reimagined and re-recorded Love Walked In in 2017 we decided to have a fresh look at the rest of our songs. We agreed on just three rules only:- 1. Work fast. 2. Don’t focus on making it perfect. 3. Make it different from the original. The session was very challenging, frustrating, and all round weird, but it was also a lot of fun. We love it, and hope you will too.

Tracklist: 1. Bigger Than Both Of Us 2. Future Train 3. Girl’s Going Out Of Her Head 4. I’m Dreaming Again 5. Fly On The Wall 6. Just Another Suicide 7. Empty City 8. Miracle Man 9. Blown Away 10. Loser 11. She’s So Fine 12. Low Life In High Places As you can see this is not a Greatest Hits album, and it’s also not a change of direction either. It’s just another stop on our musical journey. You can pre-order it now from our online store, in a few formats, and a million bundles (hopefully there’s one for everybody). She's So Fine is also available to stream and download now. We've gathered links to all pre-orders and streams in one handy place so click here for all the info:-


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