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GHOST Releases Video For 'Dance Macabre'

Described by one writer as "the perfect love song for that special demon in your life," the new music video for GHOST's track "Dance Macabre", released today, is just that. Two party crashers talk their way into a surreal bash that one will never remember and one will never forget. The video was directed by Zev Deans (GHOST's "Square Hammer" video) and is erotic and romantic as only GHOST can do it.

"Dance Macabre", already with 15 million Spotify streams, is the second music video and radio single from the Grammy-winning rock/pop band's most recent album "Prequelle" (Loma Vista Recordings). Simultaneously apocalyptic with catchy, contagious hooks, the song tells of how some people coped with the devastation of 14th century Europe's Black Plague that wiped out millions — by dancing and partying and seducing until they dropped. The music video puts its own twist on the celebration of the End of Days and beyond.

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