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FICTION SYXX is dialling in on their sophomore release, ‘The Alternate Me’!

FICTION SYXX is dialling in on their sophomore release, ‘The Alternate Me’!

The line-up had one change - Larry Hart (King Kobra/Montrose) on bass guitar takes over for Tony “The Fretless Monster” Franklin. This release is focused more on the core than their debut release ‘Tall Dark Secrets’. There are no guest artists on this one and JK Northrup & Mark Lanoue share the lead guitar duties. Prepare for a mix of melody, harmony, soaring slide, and at times SHRED!

Fiction Syxx is:

Mark Allen Lanoue - Lead Vocals & Guitar

JK Northrup - Guitar, B. Vocals & Production

Rory Faciane - Drums

Larry Hart - Bass

Eric Ragno - Keyboards

There will be 11 tracks … plus bonus material for Premium Preorder supporters.

MRR and FICTION SYXX are excited to launch one full track right now – the epic album opening track ‘Tall Dark Secrets’. PP supporters will get a WAV file of this track delivered to them shortly, along with another full length mixed and completed track, plus an exclusive video of JK Northrup in the studio discussing this track.

Standard inclusions in the PP Packs include the following:

- Exclusive ‘Longbox’ Cardboard Sleeve Slipcover CD Packaging

- WAV file of debut track

- Additional fully mastered, completed song

- Weekly updates from the artist

- Exclusive Advance Release Date, receiving the CD weeks ahead of an official release

- Names included in the CD booklet

- Additional demos and completed tracks sampled along the way

- Digital Download of completed release ahead of shipping of CD

- Airmail shipping cost included

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