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TONY MITCHELL ( Kiss of the Gypsy ) releases "Beggars Gold"

"Beggars Gold" the new high-energy melodic rock masterpiece from Tony Mitchell - the voice of British hard rock band Kiss Of The Gypsy. Beggars Gold, his first solo album since 2011, hits hard and is a relentless rollercoaster ride combining strong hooks and riffs as in 'Playing with Fire', 'Never Say Die', 'Blind', 'Our Song' and 'In Everyone of Us'. And just when you think you can catch your breath, in fires the ultra-catchy duet, 'What you Make it' with Sue Willetts (Dante Fox) which would grace any radio station. The album also has monster rockers like 'Wild Side', 'Welcome to the Revolution' and 'Fire Me Up', where Mitchell's voice comes to the fore. Beggars Gold gives everything that any true melodic/AOR rock fan would want to hear from an album. Mitchell has thrown everything at this one, huge guitar riffs, anthemic choruses, gospel choirs, epic harmonies and raw, honest powerful rock vocals.

1. Playing with Fire

2. Never Say Die

3. Blind

4. What You Make It

5. Someone Like You

6. Our Song

7. Stone By Stone

8. In Everyone of Us

9. Wildside

10. Fire Me Up

11. Beggar's Gold

12. Take a Look at Me Now

13. Welcome to the Revolution

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