HEART OF FIRE Launch 'Call of Destiny' October 19th

Formed in 2017, by Jean Funes, guitarist of Sound Of Eternity. He had the vision to create an AOR / Melodic Hard Rock band in the style of his lifetime heroes; Def Leppard, Journey, Whitesnake, Scorpions, Europe, and called his former bandmate in Codigo Eterno, drummer Joel Mejia, who shares this passion and vision of creating new music, and together HEARTS ON FIRE was started.

The searching for vocalist begun and Richard Andermyr of Rian was contacted after listening to the great Rian debut album and was introduced by Andrew McNeice. Richard proved to be a perfect fit for the band, not only with his voice but because of his chemistry with the rest of the band. First single was created and recorded as the first song of the project, “Hearts On Fire”, an uplifting mid-tempo song with great hooks and melodies, being the perfect example of what the band have in their hearts to create.

Nello Dell’omo created the great logo and the artwork for the debut album titled “Call Of Destiny”,“We chose this name because we believe that it’s our fate to create music and deliver a message from the heart to the listener. Everything happens for a reason and we are together doing this, even with the fact that we are separated by an ocean, so far from each other.” says Jean Funes.

“This is the album I always wanted to make” says Jean Funes. “Sound of Eternity had that modern rock touch all over it and I’m proud of the album we made. But Hearts On Fire - Call Of Destiny have all the elements that I’ve always loved from Melodic Rock music and it comes natural for me to create songs in this style, because I grew up listening to all these great bands from the 80’s and early 90’s.”

The debut single and lyric video for HEARTS ON FIRE’s ‘Hearts On Fire’:


Jean Funes - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitar (Sound Of Eternity)

Richard Andermyr - Vocals, Guitars (Rian)

Joel Mejia – Drums (Codigo Eterno)


Dennis Ward - Bass and Keyboards

Eric Ragno - Keyboards

Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Ward

Hearts On Fire is about passion for life. All the songs are born from a place of true inspiration.

We believe that music is the perfect way to express deep emotions like Love, Pain, Regret, sadness etc. and the album ‘Call Of Destiny’ is about that.


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